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Children Of The Inferno Edward J. Bailey

Children Of The Inferno

Edward J. Bailey

Kindle Edition
260 pages
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 About the Book 

The events described in this book didnt happen in our world. But whos to say they didnt happen in the one thats on the far side of a millisecond, in the time-line next door to our own? When you read Chapter Nine, you can thank The Source that this was the case.I hope you enjoy the story. I didnt write it in order to become a regular author – it was born out of a fantasy scenario that I used in order to beat a problem with nightmares that used to plague me. I wrote it so people with a similar problem can share the idea, because it does work by training the mind to dream in different directions to those which cause the problem, and I think I got rid of all the typos too!If enough people buy it, I might think about writing a follow-up, (Not “Children Of The Inferno Ride Again,” I promise!) but lets see how it goes.Half of the proceeds from sales will go to a small charity that I work with, that provides emergency funding for people left destitute by the evil policies being put in place by the UK government that took office in 2010. Some of the stories that Ive seen of those peoples circumstances are enough to break even the strongest of hearts. Small children being forced to live in unheated homes with little more than bread and spread for their evening meal is about as far from efficient and fair government as its possible to get, in my view. Demonising disabled people via the press, so that they become the victims of physical attacks by those of tiny mental endowment is not proper government either in the 21st century. Our parents and grandparents fought a war against the perpetrators of this kind of treatment of the sick and vulnerable back in the 1940s and I thought it had been consigned to the pages of history forever.One day we will see those who have caused this misery and poverty to return brought up on charges of crimes against humanity. Im working in other ways to help make that happen.Meanwhile, please help me to support the charity buy telling your friends and family where they can buy this book?Ive deliberately priced it low so that it wont break anyones bank.Thanks in advance.EJB