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Caribbean Agenda William  Beck

Caribbean Agenda

William Beck

Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle
335 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

SYNOPSIS_______________________________________________________________CARIBBEAN AGENDASara Jennings, a young Miami attorney, has booked passage aboard the Imperial Star, sailing on a luxury cruise around the Caribbean. She hopes the trip will helpMoreSYNOPSIS_______________________________________________________________CARIBBEAN AGENDASara Jennings, a young Miami attorney, has booked passage aboard the Imperial Star, sailing on a luxury cruise around the Caribbean. She hopes the trip will help bury painful memories of the recent past. Nearing the end of her cruise, a chance meeting with Todd Merritt leaves her unexpectedly attracted and involved. In the early morning hours, Sara and Todd are awakened by a knock upon her stateroom door. A ship’s steward insists they follow him, at the urgent behest of the Imperial Star’s captain. For the young lovers, things go terribly wrong. Todd Merritt is murdered. Sara Jennings is thrown overboard into the black waters of the Gulf of Mexico, Struggling valiantly, Sara Jennings battles to save her life. What started out as a cruise to help her forget, ends up in a voyage with shattering consequences.NESSA’s Bryson McGann, Director Randall Sumner, and Mote Marine Research Scientist, Jesse Perkins, are plying the southern waters of the Gulf of Mexico, They have embarked on a research project - a joint venture with the Florida based marine laboratory - in hopes of drawing attention to problems facing island nations in the Caribbean basin. After their first dive at Pulley Ridge, McGann notices something in a digital photograph that leaves him questioning the unusual image. A second dive on the deep-water reef brings him face to face with a gruesome discovery. Trapped inside the wheelhouse of a sunken vessel is a carbon copy of Roni Canton. McGann is unable to shake the image of the astounding resemblance to the sister of lifelong friend, Joe “T.C.” Canton. The circumstances surrounding the woman’s grim death opens the door on a global network - its unspeakable acts hidden from the eyes of the world.Roni Canton, and fiancé, Dan Jameson, are on holiday in Trinidad. Their plans of picking up her brother at Piarco Airport never materialize. Canton’s concerns push him to enlist the aid of the hotel’s investigator who seemingly can find no trace of Roni’s whereabouts. Through twisted ties, McGann and Canton meet international businessman, Argan Vance. The man leaves both men unsettled, and wary of his supposed intentions. As they begin to untangle the complex threads woven into the mysterious disappearance, their journey carries them at break-neck speed across the Caribbean and into Central America. A reluctant CIA agent from McGann’s past, Reece Weber, and a Special-Ops team, come to assist in the quest to track down the missing woman. McGann and the others find themselves caught up in a raging gun battle, as a howling gale rips across the deck of the Sunya Maru, When morning breaks, the survivors learn the terrible reality of Roni’s fate.Together McGann and Canton rush headlong in a last ditch effort to Singapore, hoping to save Roni from a destiny worse than death. But for Joe Canton’s sister, it may already be too late. A riveting ride waits within the pages of the third Bryson McGann novel. CARIBBEAN AGENDA’s fast-paced action will leave the reader’s heart pounding with precisely what William Beck aficionados have come to expect.