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Soul Ties W.E. Kelton

Soul Ties

W.E. Kelton

Published November 9th 2011
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The kry-an are an ancient race of creature. Ever since the Rakki Imperium conquered the home world of the Te’ik, the kry-an have chosen those of the Te’ik as their mind-sibs. In return for the protection offered by the kry-an, the Te’ik who are bonded to the creatures dedicate themselves to continuing the races existence. Despite every attempt made by the Te’ik, the kry-an are headed for extinction, except for those who are part of Clan Koof’na upon planet Shi.Since the tans-dal, a soul test that bonded Ana von Lou to her Te’ik soul sibs, Ana and kry-an Maul have shared a bond of leader to leader. Ana is the Shte’ik, the lead healer and head of a healing clan within the Rakki Imperium. She was the first Terran and the first non-Karrish to claim both the title and the protection of the healing caste. Maul is the highest ranking female in the ever growing nest of kry-an and mind-sib to Ferin, Ana’s remaining soul brother.The clan has a deadly enemy in the Lady Healer of Rakki, Lady Anlon, the highest ranking healer within the healing caste. Through her endeavors Clan Koof’na has lost members and Ana has lost family, both old and new. When the fight is brought to the clan home on Shi and one of their own turns against clan, Ana and Maul become conjoined in their anger. Despite the presence of Hold warriors and Ana’s personal guards, it is the might of the kry-an that is unleashed upon the lackey’s of Lady Anlon in retribution for injury dealt to clan. Is Clan Koof’na strong enough to overcome the anger of the Shte’ik or will it be swallowed by the fury of the kry-an?