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Between Love & Justice Danielle Grant

Between Love & Justice

Danielle Grant

Published May 1st 2013
Kindle Edition
372 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Forced to grow up and be a man before his time, Nassir took on the challenge to become the father-figure his younger brother and cousin needed in their lives. The decisions he and his right hand man, Kalil made were to ensure that they boys would never have to follow in their footsteps but as the saying goes, boys will be boys and with the allure of the streets the two young men follow them anyway- not knowing what danger truly looms in the air. How will Nassir protect his family from the dangers that are lurking and still hold on to his newly found love?If it werent for her best friend Zariya and her goddaughter Zakiya, Chanae might have never made it this far and be able to still claim her sanity. When her painful past presents itself in the here and now, Chanae is forced to relive some of her tumultuous past and is still left with lingering questions. Zariya is her best friends backbone but even she has her own trust issues...What happens when everyones past catches up to them and forces them to take long hard looks at themselves and question everything they thought to be true?